The covered market

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The covered market

The covered market: a must-eat during your stay in our hotel

The covered market: the place to be for gastronomy in Metz

The tone is set by the beautiful Jaumont stone facade, which reads in capital letters: "Tourte Lorraine, Roast Pork with Mirabelle Plums, Boudin de Metz, Bibbleskäse, Paris-Metz....". If you are as gourmand as we are at ACE Hotel, no doubt you will find your happiness inside. Whether you want to eat in (at Mauricette's for example!) or take away, you will be able to taste the best specialities of the region. So treat yourself!

Found at: The covered market is located about ten minutes from ACE Hotel Metz

Covered Market
15 rue d'Estrée
57000 Metz