Saint-Etienne's Cathedral, Metz

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Saint-Etienne's Cathedral, Metz

St-Etienne's Cathedral: a must-see during your stay in our hotel

Saint-Etienne Cathedral: "The Lantern of God"

Built of yellow Jaumont stone, Saint-Etienne's cathedral is an exceptional Gothic edifice. Its nave is one of the highest in France and has the largest surface area of stained glass in France with 6,500 m2.
Also known as the "lantern of God", the Cathedral of Saint-Etienne in Metz is unique and not to be missed. Take advantage of your stay in our hotel in Metz to admire its stained glass windows. Master glassworkers from all periods are represented, from Hermann de Munster (14th century) to Marc Chagall, via Jacques Villon and Roger Bissière. The 16 new stained glass windows by the Korean artist Kimsooja will be installed in the south arm of the transept in 2022.

Found at: Saint-Etienne Cathedral is only a few minutes away from ACE Hotel Metz.

Cathedral of Saint-Etienne
Place d'Armes
57000 METZ