Cour d'Or Museum

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Cour d'Or Museum

Cour d'Or Museum: to visit during your stay at the hotel

The dazzling Cour d'Or Museum

In the buildings of the former convent of the Petits Carmes (17th century), the Cour d'Or Museum tells the story of 2000 years of history. The name of the Museum refers to a legend that the buildings housing it were built on the site of the former palace of the Golden Court of the Merovingian kings of Austrasia. Its buildings include an archaeological museum with rich collections of Gallo-Roman, Merovingian and medieval art, a museum of medieval and Renaissance architecture, and a museum of fine arts. To visit the Cour d'Or Museum is to discover the history of Metz whose historical, religious and cultural heritage is simply dazzling.

Found at: The Cour d'Or Museum is located a stone's throw from Saint-Etienne Cathedral and a few minutes from ACE Hotel Metz

Musée de la Cour d'Or
2 rue du Haut Poirier
57000 Metz